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18 Westminster, #120
Montreal, Quebec


Our offices is located in the heart of Montreal-West, on Westminster, corner Sherbrooke. It is easily accessed by public transportation (bus 162 from Villa Maria metro). There is also a free public parking lot around the corner on Milner street for those traveling by car.


                                            ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY (AAT)


Animal assisted therapy (AAT) is amongst the most innovative forms of holistic therapy there is.
It has been tested and proven to be groundbreaking in its efficiency due to the profound bond that is gradually formed between the patient, the therapist and the animal in question.

In Quebec, numerous governmental institutions, school boards, youth centers, senior homes, and a growing network of private schools are now the proud beneficiaries of our AAT expertise.

Our approach to treatment is therapeutic, educational, and fun; be it help with school; learning disorders; physical rehabilitation (occupational therapy); social adaptation or sensory stimulation; these and many more are dealt with following these criteria which we deem vital to working with our clientele.
Our therapeutic objectives are elaborated in perfect harmony with the patient and family; working multilaterally with the demands of other specialists whilst centering in on the strengths and interests of the patient.

Since 2008, AAT has been officially recognised as an alternative form therapy by the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists; this means that you can benefit from the receipts for insurance reasons.

Here are some of the clientele that we work with :

- Intellectual disability (moderate to severe)

- Learning disorders (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, etc.)

- Speech disorders (verbal dyspraxia, stuttering, apraxia of speech)

- Sensory integration dysfunction

- Behavioural disorders


- Autism

- Dementia/mental health problems


* Contact us for more information on our prices and the various programs we have to offer.