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18 Westminster, #120
Montreal, Quebec


Our offices is located in the heart of Montreal-West, on Westminster, corner Sherbrooke. It is easily accessed by public transportation (bus 162 from Villa Maria metro). There is also a free public parking lot around the corner on Milner street for those traveling by car.

Brain Training 101

Brain training is an innovative yet straightforward and very effective way to enhance an individual’s ability to learn with greater ease, speed and depth. After decades of conclusive, concrete, result producing research from leading scientists and thinkers from around the world, brain training is here; and is quickly becoming accepted as the smartest, most holistic form of treatment in regards to a great variety of mental conditions where traditional drugs and medications have fallen short.

As we learn, the brain mobilizes a vast network of nerve cells known as neurons; when a task demands higher levels of concentration, or is unfamiliar to the individual in question; clusters of nearby neurons are drawn into the process. When the learning is complete, the borrowed neurons are released into the brain to continue regular brain function, however; these neurons will now have retained the information and memory of having completed the task, rendering learning related tasks much easier with each subsequent session. This means that by strategically singling out certain sections of the brain that are associated with learning, we can accelerate the speed and effectiveness of learning to rates that would not otherwise have been possible, making the learning process faster, fresher and less arduous than ever before.

The brain is by far the most versatile and complex of the organs in our bodies. It can be reprogrammed almost endlessly and improved beyond belief. This capacity for change is due to a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity; this is when the gray matter of the brain physically shrinks or thickens, forging and refining, or even sometimes weakening neural connections; this all depends on the brain’s physical and mental environment and not to mention; usage. The innovative science of brain training works through the smart application of recent leaps of our understanding on how our brains work; using specially designed exercises(cellfield, cogmed, tomatis) that promote extremely rapid optimal growth and reinforce neuronal connections within the totality of the cerebrum.

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better” - Maya Angelou
All of the brain’s cognitive abilities can be drastically improved through proper brain training from our certified professionals; be it memory, attentiveness, sensory processing, reasoning, processing speed or sheer logic; there is always room for improvement.
And that’s not all; positive results are not at all short lasting as the brain’s capacity for optimization works exponentially, facilitating future brain function and learning capacity far down the line.
Decades of research have revealed to us that the brain is ever-changing, and despite the fact that since the advent of the internet, information is more accessible than it has ever been, the modern brain is under siege, dealing with the largest concentration of information (via media, social networking, online advertisements etc.)ever seen.
Factors like these, amongst many others, can take a toll on the brain’s clarity, speed and efficiency. If you or your child are experiencing, attention, learning, or general mental clarity problems, brain training is the most effective course of action in effectively eliminating your difficulties and moving on to live the success that you should be living whether it be learning, reading or anything brainy!

“the measure of intelligence is the ability to change...”  - Albert Einstein
Our wonderful team of specialists here at TLC are here to help you discover how you can apply the magic of brain training to your life or that of your child. We welcome you to contact us or to come visit us for information on how you can change your life or that of your loved ones today!